Making sure the invitations are sent out within plenty of time is essential. Parents have a tendency to make plans for themselves and their children up to a month in advance and need time in order to move things around or to RSVP in a first come first serve fashion. Online invitations are popular, but often times end up in a spam filter or being mistaken for junk mail. A printed invitation is the tradition and safer choice to make, also a physical invitation serves as its own reminder. There are many affordable and festive invitation templates available in general office software packages and even online.

​​Birthday Party for One Year Old 

The first year birthday party is an important milestone in the lives of the proud parents and the precious little guest of honor. Although, the celebration primarily is for the parents and their guest to bask in the wonderment of happy and vibrant youth, having some entertainment festivities will bring children of all ages to the heights of fun. A creative, combination of merriment and amusement will always be well received.

The party location will set the tone for the entire party. A comfortable party in the home is always favorable as long as space provides for comfort. If the number of guests gets on the higher side, the back yard can compensate for lack of room. An interesting alternative during the warmer weather months is to hold the celebration in a local park. An outdoor gala can brighten the day, but always remember sunscreen and insect spray. It is as important for the party to be safe as it is fun. 

When planning to include face painter, balloon twister or magician to child’s party it is best to contact the entertainer as soon as a date is set. The best party performers like the performers at Have Fun WorX, are booked weeks and months in advance. Take into account that although the party may be scheduled to start at 12noon, guests have a tendency to arrive later that the proposed time.  Considering human error, it would be best to schedule the performer and hour after the suggested party start time so that even the stragglers get a chance to enjoy the entertainment.